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About Queen Crystals

We started with a mission to inform the world about the enormous healing power that lies within crystals.
We strive to familiarize the world with the meaningful changes orgone energy can bring.

Our offerings are well-designed Orgonite products that are thoughtfully crafted by the skillful artisans.

Know About Orgonite Crystals

Orgonite is an amazing substance with healing properties. Also known as Orgone, Chi, Prana, Ki, Mana, it is a universal energy. Despite its ancient roots, it has recently started to find recognition for the benefits it offers.

Orgonite offers health benefits, detoxifying properties and positive aura. It is believed that placing it
in your home strengthens your body’s energy field against negativity.

Orgonite pyramids are designed to bring all healing substances together. The orgone pyramid is a blend of gemstone chips, metal filling and epoxy resin making it a perfect energy transmutation tool.

At Queen Crystals, we unleash enormous energy through our products.

Who we are

Our Story

Queen Crystals is a platform where ancient methods meet modernity. We are an initiative to bring various artisans together who have been working towards crafting meaningful crystals and other products for years.

We are more than a business. We are the messengers of the Orgonite Story for the world to know its endless benefits.

At Queen Crystals, we create unique orgonite products that are cleansed, charged and Reiki infused. Our seven chakra stone bracelet removes the blockages in the chakras and is known for its healing properties.

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