Looking to ease your anxiety with a crystal pendant? We break down the best crystals for anxiety relief!

Best Healing Crystals For Anxiety
Use these crystal pendants to assist in healing your mind and soul! The crystals chosen below are well known for their calming properties and will bring peace, calm, and positivity back into your life. They also look beautiful when worn around the neck! If you’re looking to take your anxiety control to the next level, then give these pendants a try!

6 Best Healing Crystals For Anxiety (crystal pendants easy to wear)

The term healing can be used in two different contexts. It can refer to physical healing, such as when someone visits their doctor and comes away feeling better after medical treatment. Or it can refer to emotional or mental healing, which might involve therapy or other forms of talk therapy. Healing crystals are often used in mind and soul healing, but they also have physical benefits and can be used as part of an overall health regimen. Here are the six best healing crystals for anxiety

Black Tourmaline (Crystal Pendants)

black tourmaline crystal pendant
black tourmaline crystal pendants, crystal pendants
There are two types of Black Tourmaline: Dravite and Schorl. Black Tourmaline Schorl is more common but has less medicinal value than Dravite. Both black tourmalines are excellent stones for working with one’s mind or soul as they help to relieve worry and fear. When used in meditation, black tourmalines can assist in finding solutions to deep-seated emotional problems, release anger and tension, or simply provide calm reassurance during difficult times. If you find that a crystal pendant doesn’t suit you, try wearing a Black Tourmaline ring on your pinky finger. The most common crystals for relieving anxiety come from the gemstones mentioned above, such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, and Selenite.

Rose Quartz(Crystal Pendants)

rose quartz crystal pendant
rose quartz crystal pendant, Crystal Pendants
The stone of unconditional love and peace, Rose Quartz is believed to help balance emotions and bring positive energy into our lives. It’s also used to alleviate tension or stress, promoting calm and empathy in all types of situations. Wearing a Rose Crystal Pendant or carrying one on you are great ways to keep yourself feeling balanced and free from too much stress, plus it can be gifted in case you know someone who could use some extra love and support.

Hematite (Crystal Pendants)

hematite crystal pendant
hematite crystal pendants, crystal pendants
If you’re looking for help dealing with stress, it can be helpful to wear a hematite crystal necklace. The soothing, silvery appearance of hematite and its association with grounding energy can help promote feelings of calm in times of anxiety. In addition, hematite has been used as a gemstone to avert bad luck or negative energies because it is said to absorb them and change them into positive ones. So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself – or someone you know – today by wearing this gorgeous crystal pendant.

Lepidolite (Crystal Pendants)

lepidolite crystal pendant
lepidolite crystal pendants, crystal pendants
One way to use lepidolite stone is by wearing it as a crystal pendant. The mineral can help relieve stress, promote emotional balance, and alleviate insomnia. If you’re looking for a calming solution that doesn’t rely on medication, give this mineral a try! If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night or experiencing bouts of stress, find out how to buy a lepidolite stone today.

Amethyst (Crystal Pendants)

Amethyst crystal pendant
Amethyst crystal pendants, Crystal Pendants
To assuage the disquietude that pervades your being, an amethyst crystal pendant may prove to be the quintessential accessory. Amethyst, a lustrous compound of aluminum silicate, possesses a remarkable transparency and boasts an array of vivid hues, ranging from ethereal violet to opulent purple. This resplendent gemstone can be found in its solitary form or in synergy with other vibrant stones such as carnelian, which exhibit warm shades of oranges, yellows, and reds. Often meticulously shaped and ensconced in precious metals like silver or gold, amethyst pendants transform into exquisite jewelry that can be adorned by any individual yearning for tranquility. The most enticing aspect of such a crystal pendant lies in its affordability and versatility, allowing the wearer to effortlessly remove it when it becomes cumbersome—yet remaining within proximity to serve as a gentle reminder of the soothing aura it emanates.

Citrine (Crystal Pendants)

Buy Citrine crystal Pendant
Buy Citrine crystal Pendant, Crystal Pendants
If you’re looking for citrine jewelry, we recommend opting for earrings or pendants so they’ll be more easily worn every day to maximize their potential benefits. For those who are new to using crystals as jewelry, it’s worth noting that different stones are said to have different effects on different parts of the body – some are good at alleviating mental stress and others are good at alleviating physical pain. Citrine is an effective stone when it comes to anxiety-related issues because it can promote peace of mind and calmness while also boosting self-esteem and success. However, if you’re experiencing insomnia due to chronic stress, it’s better not to wear any stones on your head because they might block positive energy flow through this area of the body which is essential for restful sleep.
If you’re looking for a way to help reduce your stress levels, one of the most popular crystal types is a crystal pendant. These are often worn around the neck and come in many different shapes and colors. Some crystals that are said to provide effective stress reduction are amethyst, blue calcite, green moss agate, and green jasper. Queen Crystals offer some great options including stones like amber, carnelian, moonstone, moldavite, onyx stone quartz, and more! Queen Crystals offer affordable price ranges so everyone can have their crystal pendant. You can even design your custom crystal pendant by picking out the shape, color, type of gemstone, and, metal for it. The healing properties depend largely on what type of stone you select but these materials are generally said to be good choices: amethyst (purple), aqua aura (blue), lepidolite (lavender), obsidian (black), bloodstone (green) or white sandals from Queen Crystals.

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