Agate Rune Sets

Agate Rune Sets are a type of healing crystal that is used in the practice of Reiki, an energy healing technique.

They are made up of five different stones, each with its own meaning and healing properties.

These five stones are amethyst, carnelian, citrine, onyx, and tiger’s eye. Each stone has a different color and distinct shape which helps them work together as a set to help you achieve your desired outcome.

  • The amethyst stone is used to relieve pain and stress from the body as well as help heal emotional wounds from the past. It can also be used to increase creativity and intuition when placed near or worn on the body.
  • The carnelian stone helps purify your chakras by bringing positive energy into your life so that you can keep things balanced and healthy both mentally and physically.
  • The citrine stone is known for its ability to attract happiness into your life which makes it great for people who want to feel like their lives are full of joy instead of sadness or negativity; it also helps open up communication between partners when placed near each other during meditation sessions or physical bonding sessions (such as during sex).
  • Onyx is known for being an excellent stone.

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Agate Rune Sets
Agate Rune Sets
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