Amazonite Orgonite Merkaba Star

Amazonite Orgonite Merkaba Star is a powerful stone that can be used to help heal many different conditions.

It has been used to cure many types of cancer and other serious illnesses such as liver disease, diabetes, and AIDS. It can also be used to heal the heart and lungs by bringing in more oxygen into your system.

This Orgonite Merkaba Star is also said to have the ability to attract abundance into your life. You will receive more money than you expected, or maybe even win the lottery!

The best way to use this stone is by placing it on the solar plexus chakra when meditating or doing yoga poses. You can also place one in each room of your house if you want to bring more abundance into all aspects of your life (work, love, and money).

The Merkaba Star is also known as a stargate or portal because it allows energy to flow more freely through your body when placed near it (or over it). This means you’ll have more access to positive energy throughout your day!

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