Amethyst Orgonite Obelisk

Amethyst Orgonite Obelisk is a healing stone that can help you to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. The obelisk shape of the this Obelisk is a symbol of spiritual growth and wisdom. This crystal can help you to find your inner peace and it is great for meditation.

Amethyst Obelisks also have strong healing properties as they are made from three crystals: amethyst, tourmaline and quartz. It has been used for centuries as an aid in meditation and astral projection. It helps you to connect with your higher self so that you can receive guidance from your spirit guides.

Amethyst Obelisks can be used for protection against negative energy. They protect against electromagnetic smog, which is generated by electronic devices such as cell phones and computers. They are also said to help heal ailments such as headaches, insomnia, arthritis and even cancer by strengthening the immune system and purifying toxins out of the body through sweat glands.

The main purpose of this amethyst obelisk is to clear away negative energies and bring in positive ones. It is also believed to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and spiritual matters. It can be used to help you sleep better at night or even attract money into your life.

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