Amethyst Rose Crystal Orgone Pyramid

Amethyst Rose Crystal Orgone Pyramid is a spiritual healing tool that is believed to possess protective and restorative energies. It is composed of a mixture of natural semi-precious stones, brass filings, and sometimes quartz crystals which have been arranged in the shape of a pyramid. This pyramid is then filled with resin which emits positive vibrations when charged. Amethyst Rose Crystal Orgone Pyramids are believed to possess healing properties that can help reduce stress, tension, and negative energy.

This Pyramid is a hand-crafted energy healing tool that combines Amethyst and Rose Crystal. It is believed to offer a variety of healing benefits, including:

  • Amethyst: Calming energy, promotes peacefulness and spiritual awareness, eases stress and anxiety, and balances the crown chakra.
  • Rose Crystal: Said to have a high vibration, promotes love and self-esteem, improves emotional well-being, heals heartache, and balances the heart chakra.

It is said that Orgone pyramids made with these materials help to purify the atmosphere and harmonize the energy in the surrounding environment. However, these beliefs and the claims about the benefits of Orgone pyramids are not scientifically proven.

It is always recommended to consult a qualified healthcare professional for any health concerns.

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