Aqua Arrowhead Wire Wrapped Pendant

Aqua Arrowhead Wire Wrapped Pendant is a very powerful healing tool. It’s a stone of protection and can be used to protect yourself against negative energy. Aqua Arrowhead will help you to stay grounded in the face of stressful situations. It also helps you to seek out your own truth and find your own path with clarity. Aqua Arrowhead is a stone of communication that will help you speak your truth with confidence and strength, especially when it comes to speaking up for yourself or others who are being unjustly treated.

This beautiful Aqua Arrowhead Pendant can be used for protection from negative energies and spirits, as well as for balancing yin-yang energy. It helps us access our intuition by grounding us in our bodies so we can focus on what we need to do in order to achieve balance within ourselves – physically, mentally and spiritually. The arrowhead shape of this pendant reminds us that we should always aim straight ahead on our path toward achieving our goals rather than meandering off course through life like an aimless arrow shooting through the air without any direction or purpose behind it.”

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