Black Obsidian Gold Electroplated Pendant

Black Obsidian Gold Electroplated Pendant is a stone with the power to help you heal. It’s made of black obsidian, which is a volcanic glass that has been used since ancient times as a protective stone. This pendant can bring clarity and focus, so that you can take control of your life and make the changes you want to see in the world.

Black Obsidian is a powerful grounding stone. It protects against negativity, absorbing and deflecting negative energy away from its wearer. It is also a protecting stone, guarding against psychic attack, absorbing negative thoughts directed at you and returning them to their originator.

This Electroplated Pendant is one of the most powerful healing stones in the world. It is recommended for dissolving fear and anxiety, as well as purifying the aura and removing negative energy from a person or space.

Black Obsidian Pendant is also known for helping with overcoming depression and grief, releasing pent-up emotions like anger or resentment that can result from challenging situations in your life. This pendant will help you move forward with your life without being weighed down by those emotions any longer!

This Black Obsidian Gold Electroplated pendant is a powerful protection stone and helps to reduce stress. It can be used to absorb negative energy and cleanse one’s aura. It is used to remove negativity from the environment and is said to aid in decision-making and help one find clarity in their life.

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