Prehnite Wire Wrapped Pendant

Prehnite is a greenish-brown stone that is not as well known as other stones, but it has some amazing properties. If you are feeling anxious or stressed, Prehnite is an excellent stone to use. When worn or meditated on, it relieves stress and brings peace and calm. It can also assist the wearer in better understanding themselves and their feelings. This stone reminds people of their blessings in life and encourages them to be grateful for what they have. Anyone seeking greater clarity in their lives should consider purchasing this lovely Prehnite Wire Wrapped Pendant, as it will allow them to see things more clearly, which is exactly what we need in our lives during stressful times!

Physical Properties

  • Crystals: Prehnite (Also Known as Prophetic stone).
  • Beautifully Wire Wrapped.
  • Adjustable clamps for sizing.
  • Attractive chain.
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Healing Aspects

  • Intentions: Prophecy, Compassion, Love, Peace, Harmony, Energy, Spirit Communication.
  • Chakras: Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra.
  • Where to Keep: Wear a Pendant for close contact healing.

Prehnite is said to make people feel more peaceful and confident. It’s also said that it can boost self-esteem and creativity. This stunning Prehnite Wire Wrapped Pendant is perfect if you’re looking for a gift for your dear ones…!

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