Chakra Onyx Pendant

Chakra Onyx Pendant is a stone of protection, grounding and centering. It helps to balance the lower chakras by bringing light into the root chakra. It is a stone of strength, courage and endurance.

Chakra Onyx Pendant

Onyx is a stone of protection and self-control. It is a grounding and strengthening stone that provides support during times of stress, worry, and confusion. It stimulates the mind with fresh ideas, facilitating creative thinking. Onyx is used to dispel anger, rage, and anxiety. Its cleansing energy drains away the unwanted mental or emotional patterns that hold us back from progressing in life.

Onyx is also said to be very beneficial for those who are seeking spiritual enlightenment or wishing to enhance their intuitive abilities. As such, it can be an excellent stone for meditation and lucid dreaming.

Black Onyx is one of the most powerful protection stones available to us today. It has been used since ancient times as a protective amulet against negative energy and evil intentions from people around you. It helps you recognize where you may have been influenced by others which could lead to bad decisions or poor behavior on your part; this way you can make corrections before any further damage occurs in your life! Black Onyx also helps remove blocks from your personal growth limiting beliefs about yourself and others around you. This can help make room for new opportunities that come knocking at the door!

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