Clear Quartz Arrowhead Pendant

The clear quartz arrowhead pendant is a beautiful stone that has many healing benefits and uses. It is said to be the most powerful and versatile healing crystal on Earth, with an incredible array of powerful metaphysical properties.

This beautiful crystal can help you to heal your mind, body and spirit by providing you with an abundance of energy, positivity and clarity. It also helps to unblock your chakras so that this energy can flow freely throughout your body, helping you to achieve optimum health and well-being.

The arrowhead pendant is a great addition to any jewelry collection as it is a fantastic piece of jewelry that can be worn every day without losing its luster or beauty.

The Clear Quartz Arrowhead Pendant is a powerful tool for spiritual healing and protection. This crystal can help you connect with your spirit guides and access the wisdom of your subconscious, bringing you closer to your higher self.

The quartz arrowhead pendant can also help you release negative energy from your body by absorbing it, so that you are left feeling lighter and more positive.

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