Clear Quartz Orgonite Merkaba Star

The Clear Quartz Orgonite Merkaba Star is a powerful healing tool that can help you clear away negative energy and promote greater harmony in your life. This crystal has the power to transmute negative energy, so it’s great for shielding against all kinds of stressors, especially if you have to deal with an unruly boss or coworkers.

The Clear Quartz Orgonite Merkaba Star will also help you stay grounded during challenging times, so no matter what comes your way, you’ll be able to handle it with grace and ease.

The Clear Quartz Merkaba Star can also help open up your chakras and enhance spiritual growth. Its energy will help open the crown chakra (the seventh chakra) so that you can connect more deeply with the divine source that exists within all beings—and then share that connection with others through service and compassion.

Orgonite is an amazing tool for healing, as it’s able to both create and absorb energy. This makes it a powerful tool for clearing out negative energy.

It has the power to clear out negative thought patterns and help you move forward in life with a fresh perspective on things. It can also help you to feel more grounded and centered.

This Orgonite Merkaba Star is made from quartz, which is known as the “master healer” because it can amplify healing energy and allow you to focus your intentions on healing yourself and others around you.

This particular piece of orgonite also has the Merkaba symbol etched into it, which is an ancient symbol that represents our spiritual connection with God/the Universe. It’s also said to have protective properties.

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