Green Mica Chakra Pendulum

The green mica chakra pendulum is a healing tool that can be used for a variety of purposes.

The first and most basic use for this pendulum is to locate areas of the body that are out of balance. By holding the pendulum over different areas of your body, you can determine which organs need to be treated and how, as well as what kind of treatment or medicine will be most beneficial.

You can also use your pendulum to communicate with other people’s higher selves. This means that you can ask questions about what they might be experiencing or how they feel about something and get an answer that’s coming from their higher self rather than just their conscious mind.

This kind of communication is helpful in many ways: You can ask questions about health issues, relationships, career paths—anything!

This is a beautiful pendulum made of green mica. It has a lovely pattern that changes depending on the angle you look at it from. The pendulum comes with a handmade pouch and an information card about chakras and how to use the pendulum. This is a great tool for self-healing and energy work!

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Green Mica Chakra Pendulum
Green Mica Chakra Pendulum
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