Multi Fluorite Orgonite Pendulum

The Multi Fluorite Orgonite Pendulum is a powerful healing tool. It is used to help repel negative energy, which can cause physical and emotional distress. The pendulum helps bring in positive energy and balances the energy of your body, mind and spirit.

The pendulum is made from a variety of crystals including fluorite, quartz, amethyst and herkimer diamond. These crystals are all known for their healing properties. The crystal that is located at the top of the pendulum is different depending on which type you choose: clear quartz or amethyst. Clear quartz is known for its ability to amplify energy while amethyst emits an energetic frequency that creates balance within your body and mind.

The Multi Fluorite Orgonite Pendulum is a beautiful, double-sided pendant that features an iridescent purple stone on one side and a clear one on the other.It’s made from hand-finished quartz crystal and finely polished by expert artisans to bring out its natural beauty.The pendulum is believed to be an effective tool for healing and balancing chakras by clearing negative energy and creating positive vibrations in your aura. This will allow you to achieve optimal health, happiness and harmony.

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