Orgonite Energy Unakite Pendulum

It’s time to take your spirituality to the next level with this Orgonite Energy Unakite Pendulum!

Unakite is a beautiful stone that brings peace, harmony and balance to your life.

It is a combination of pink and green crystals that come together to create this beautiful healing stone.

Unakite is one of the most powerful stones for manifestation and healing. It helps you to see the bigger picture when things aren’t going according to plan.

It also helps you to see beyond the illusions of the material world, so you can see what’s really important in life and what isn’t worth wasting your time on.

Unakite works through chakra energies and meridians as well as on an emotional level, helping you to be more in tune with yourself and others around you.

It helps you stay grounded while also helping you soar to new heights. It’s a great stone to use if you’re feeling stuck or like your life has become stagnant, or if you feel like there’s something holding you back from doing what you want to do in your life.

Unakite can be used for any kind of healing work, including chakra balancing and clearing, meditation, energy healing and reiki, etc. You can also use it during times of change or transition in your life as a way to help keep yourself calm and grounded through those changes.

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Orgonite Energy Unakite Pendulum
Orgonite Energy Unakite Pendulum
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