Orgonite Pyramid for wealth

An “Orgonite Pyramid for Wealth” is a pyramid-shaped orgonite device that is believed to have the potential to attract positive energy and promote financial abundance. The pyramid is made from a unique combination of resin, metal shavings, and crystals, including amethyst, amazonite, and rose quartz.

Orgone pyramids are an ancient energy-healing tool. The Orgonite pyramid helps to ground and intensify the power of your Orgonites, increasing their capacity for healing and transmuting negative energy into positive.

Amethyst is believed to have calming and spiritual properties and is sometimes associated with spiritual awareness and inner peace. Amazonite has soothing energy, promotes harmony and balance, and helps with communication and emotional healing. Rose quartz is said to promote love and compassion and is often associated with emotional healing and self-love.

It is important to note that the properties attributed to these crystals and the orgonite pyramid as a whole are not supported by scientific evidence and may vary from person to person. While an orgonite pyramid made with amethyst, amazonite, and rose quartz may be visually appealing, its effectiveness as a tool for promoting wealth has not been scientifically proven.

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