Orgonite White Agate Pendulum

Orgonite White Agate Pendulum are made of a mixture of resin and metal shavings. They have a very powerful energy that can be used for healing, cleansing and protection. Orgonite works by creating an electromagnetic field around itself and stores the negative ions created by the body’s natural processes. This property is enhanced when you add crystals to your pendulum.

White Agate is a crystal that works with the energy of the mind, helping us to focus our thoughts and to bring positive change into our life. It helps us to stay grounded while working with spiritual matters, allowing us to see visions clearly so that we can make informed decisions about our lives. It also brings good luck and abundance into our lives.

The Orgonite White Agate Pendulum is a way to help you connect with your body and the energy around you. It allows you to find balance and peace within yourself, and it helps bring harmony into your life by helping you create a sense of calmness and ease. The pendulum can also be used for healing purposes if you are having trouble finding relief from an ailment or injury.

This Orgonite Pendulum has many healing benefits, including:

  • – Helps relieve stress
  • – Improves sleep quality
  • – Eases migraines, headaches, and tension headaches
  • – Reduces anxiety disorders (including panic attacks)

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