Rainbow Moonstone Chakra Pendulum

Rainbow Moonstone Chakra Pendulum healing benefits and uses

The Rainbow Moonstone Chakra Pendulum is a powerful stone that can help you connect with your own intuition. It is associated with the crown chakra, which is the center of spiritual energy in your body. This stone encourages you to find beauty in everything around you and helps you to see beyond the surface. It helps you to release old patterns so that you can move forward with your life in a positive way.

This chakra pendulum has been used by many people over the years because it helps them to feel more connected with their higher selves and their guides. People who use this pendulum say that they feel like they have a spiritual awakening when they use it regularly because it allows them to access information from their higher selves more easily than before.

This Chakra Pendulum is a great tool for meditation because it will help you connect with your inner self so that you can learn more about yourself than ever before! You’ll also be able to get answers from your guides about anything that’s troubling you right now too!

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