Red Carnelian Arrowhead Pendant

The Red Carnelian Arrowhead Pendant is a beautiful piece of jewelry that’s also great for healing and protection.

The red color of this stone is said to be the most beneficial for bringing about positive change in your life, which makes it ideal for protection and healing purposes. This arrowhead pendant will help you to feel more confident, courageous and capable of achieving your goals. The protective properties of this stone make it an excellent choice for wearing during times when you may be feeling vulnerable or insecure.

When wearing this pendant, you’ll find it easier to express yourself honestly and openly without fear of being judged by others. It can also help you to let go of any fear-based emotions such as anger or frustration so that you can embrace positive emotions such as love and joy instead.

The Red Carnelian Arrowhead Pendant is also a stone of empowerment, so if you feel like there are things in life that are holding you back—whether those things are internal or external—this pendant will help to clear away any obstacles that stand in your way of success.

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