Ruby Zoisite Orgone Merkaba Star

Ruby Zoisite Orgone Merkaba Star is used for healing and protection. They can be placed in the home, office or car to help keep you safe and protected.

The Ruby Zoisite Orgone Merkaba Star has been known to provide energy balance and harmony, relieving stress and bringing peace and tranquility to your life.

Ruby Zoisite Orgone Merkaba Stars also have a very positive effect on the mind, body and spirit; they help to promote healing at all levels of being.

Ruby Zoisite Orgone Merkaba Stars are made from a combination of quartz crystal, amethyst and zoisite, which is known as an “energy amplifier”. This means that when placed near other stones or crystals in your collection it can increase their power tenfold!

You can use the Ruby Zoisite Orgone Star stone by placing it on top of your head while meditating or sleeping at night if you want to connect with your spirit guides more easily during these times when they are most active during our lives here on Earth.”

Zoisite also helps in releasing anger, resentment and jealousy that might be causing you stress. It promotes a positive outlook towards life as well as optimism. Zoisite improves mental clarity and helps you focus on the things that matter most to you.

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