Strawberry Quartz DP Pendant

This is a beautiful Strawberry Quartz DP Pendant. It’s perfect for gifting to someone you love, or even just keeping for yourself!

Strawberry quartz is a powerful healing stone that helps to remove negative energy and attracts positive energy. It helps to heal the chakras, balance emotions, and relieve stress.

This beautiful crystal is also known as strawberry quartz, strawberry golden elixir crystal and strawberry tourmaline. It is a combination of pink quartz with inclusions of black tourmaline. The pink color comes from iron within the pink quartz while the black color comes from manganese within the tourmaline.

The healing properties of strawberry quartz have been known for centuries throughout many cultures around the world. Native Americans used it for physical healing as well as spiritual guidance, while European settlers used it for protection against evil spirits and curses. Strawberry quartz has also been used by shamans for thousands of years in South America to bring about healing during rituals and ceremonies involving various types of divination methods such as tarot readings or palmistry readings.

Strawberry quartz can be used by anyone who wants to experience more peace and harmony in their lives by helping them clear away negative energies that may be blocking their path towards achieving goals or making changes necessary to improve their life circumstances overall

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