Sunstone Orgonite Merkaba Star

The Sunstone Orgonite Merkaba Star is a type of orgone generator. It is traditionally made with a metal core and filled with crystals, minerals, or other materials that can be used for healing. The Merkaba Star is named after a geometric shape that represents the human spiritual body.

It is common to hear people talk about the healing properties of crystals, but what exactly are they? Crystals are said to have healing properties because they contain energy that can be transmitted through touch. People who use crystal therapy believe that these vibrations can help restore balance in the body, mind and spirit.

This Orgonite Merkaba Star has several different healing properties:

1) It helps to clear negative energy from your space by absorbing it into its core;

2) It releases positive energy into your space;

3) It helps to balance emotions;

4) It helps to strengthen your aura;

5) It increases self-awareness; and finally,

Sunstone is known to help with overcoming depression and stress, as well as bringing happiness into your life. It also helps with balancing your emotions. Orgonite is known for its ability to cleanse the environment around it by drawing negative energy away from wherever it’s placed – this means that when you wear this particular piece of jewelry, it will work on your behalf to keep your emotions balanced and cleanse the environment around you!

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Sunstone Orgonite Merkaba Star
Sunstone Orgonite Merkaba Star
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