Tree of Life Chakra Pendulum

The Tree of Life Chakra Pendulum is an ancient tool for healing. It was used for centuries in India and other places to help people connect with the divine energy that flows through the chakras.

The Tree of Life pendulum is made from metal and has seven chakra-aligned beads on it. The topmost bead is white, representing the crown chakra. The next bead is red, representing the brow chakra. The third bead is orange, representing the throat chakra. The fourth bead is yellow, representing the heart chakra. The fifth bead is green, representing the solar plexus chakra. The sixth bead is blue, representing the sacral chakra. And finally there’s a black metal bead at the bottom of the pendulum, which represents your root chakra at the base of your spine.

To use this pendulum as an aid in meditation or other spiritual practices, hold it by its chain (which can be adjusted) and visualize yourself connecting with each of these important energy centers in turn as you move your hand over them one by one until they’re all glowing brightly with light before moving on to the next one until all seven have been activated in this way!

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