Vasonite Chakra Chips Pendulum

The Vasonite Chakra Chips Pendulum is a powerful tool for healing, self-improvement, and spiritual growth. The pendulum helps to clear blockages in the body, mind, nd spirit and bring balance to your life. You will discover new insights about yourself as you use this simple yet powerful tool.

Using the pendulum is easy! Just hold it in your hand and ask it a question. It will give you an answer through its movements. You can use it to answer questions such as: “Is my health good?” “Do I have any physical ailments?” “What do I need to do to improve my health?” It will also help you find out more about yourself by answering questions such as: “What areas of my life are out of balance?” “What do I need to do to bring them back into balance?”

This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves crystals but doesn’t want the hassle of having to clean them.

These pendulums are made from Masonite Chakra Chips, and they come in a beautiful gift box with a card describing each of the seven chakras.

You can also use this pendulum to find answers to your questions about love and relationships, finances, career, health issues, and, more!

Each pendulum comes with a detailed instruction booklet that includes photos showing how to use it properly.

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