Vasonite Crystal Palm Stone

Vasonite Crystal Palm Stone is a beautiful crystal that comes from the mineral family of mica. It is used for healing, energy work, and protection. The crystal can be found in various colors, including yellow, orange, and red. Vasonite Crystal Palm Stones are also known as Red Jasper, Red Carnelian, and Carnelian Agate.

The metaphysical properties of Vasonite Crystal Palm Stones include:

Healing: Vasonite Crystal Palm Stones can be used to help with pain relief and healing of wounds or burns. If you have an injury or wound on your body, hold the Vasonite Crystal Palm Stone over it while saying “I will heal now” several times. Then place the stone on the area where you want to heal and repeat this process three times a day until you begin to see results. You can also use Vasonite Crystal Palm Stones to help you sleep by placing one under your pillow while going to bed at night; this will help calm your mind down so that sleep will come easier for you!

Protection: Vasonite Crystal Palm Stones can be used for protection against negative energy; simply carry one with you or keep it nearby when going out into the public so that it will protect.

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