Yellow Camel Jasper Orgonite Obelisk

Yellow Camel Jasper Orgonite Obelisk is a powerful healing stone that works to clear the mind and body of negative energy. It helps to balance out your chakras, bringing you peace and joy. It’s also known to be a great companion for meditation and prayer.

Yellow Camel Jasper obelisk is said to help relieve depression, anxiety, and stress by bringing you back into the present moment. This stone can also help you deal with grief or loss by helping you accept what has happened in your life and move forward with hope for the future.

It’s believed that this Orgonite obelisk can assist you in understanding yourself better by helping you become more self-aware. This enables you to make decisions based on who YOU are rather than how others want you to be!

This Orgonite obelisk is also thought to be helpful with overcoming addictions such as alcohol abuse or addiction to drugs because it helps us understand why we choose those behaviors in our lives so that we can make better choices in the future!

This Camel Jasper Orgonite Obelisk is made from a beautiful yellow colored stone. This energizing, positive and healing crystal comes in a natural organic design that looks great. It’s the perfect gift for the loved ones in your life or for yourself to keep you calm when chaos surrounds you.

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