Garnet Orgonite Merkaba Star

Garnet Orgonite Merkaba Star is a powerful tool for healing, cleansing, and protection. They are made of high-quality garnet, copper, and brass, which are all very good conductors of energy. The star is a combination of different crystals, including garnet, tourmaline, quartz, hematite, and amethyst. These crystals have been placed in a Merkaba shape on top of each other and wired together to create this powerful amulet.

This particular piece has been made using a special method called “Orgone Energy”, which involves using orgone generators to charge the crystal during its creation process. This helps to ensure that the orgone energy inside your body remains healthy and balanced at all times. It also allows you to experience increased levels of creativity, intuition, and self-awareness through the use of this piece daily!

Garnet Orgonite Merkaba Stars are ideal for those who wish to learn more about spirituality or enhance their existing knowledge about how it can improve their lives in many ways – whether they’re interested in meditation techniques or learning more about astrology (just two examples). The crystal is also ideal for those who wish to improve their creativity and intuition, as well as for those who want to enhance their self-awareness.

It’s a great piece of Orgonite that can be used by all people regardless of age or gender. They’re also great for those who wish to increase their self-awareness and understanding of the world around them. This can be done by meditating with this piece, or simply by holding it in your hand while you’re out and about. It’s an all-purpose tool that can be used for almost any purpose!

The Garnet Orgonite Merkaba Star is the perfect tool for those who wish to explore the spiritual side of life, as it can act as a gateway between your physical and metaphysical bodies. You may even find that using this piece helps you to develop psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance or telepathy!

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Garnet Orgonite Merkaba Star
Garnet Orgonite Merkaba Star

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