Grief & Loss Crystal Bracelet

Find solace and healing during times of grief and loss with our Grief & Loss Crystal Bracelet. Carefully crafted and featuring amazonite, black obsidian, and prehnite, this bracelet serves as a source of comfort and support as you navigate through difficult emotions.


  • Provides emotional support and comfort during times of grief and loss, helping you cope with feelings of sadness and despair.
  • Encourages healing and acceptance, allowing you to process your emotions and find closure in difficult situations.
  • Assists in releasing negative energy and emotions associated with loss, promoting inner peace and tranquility.
  • Offers protection from psychic attacks and negative energies, creating a shield of positivity around you.
  • Facilitates emotional release and catharsis, allowing you to express your feelings in a healthy and constructive manner.
  • Promotes self-love and compassion, nurturing your spirit and fostering a sense of inner strength.
  • Enhances intuition and inner guidance, helping you navigate through the grieving process with clarity and insight.
  • Supports spiritual growth and transformation, guiding you towards a place of healing and renewal.
  • Serves as a tangible reminder of your resilience and strength, inspiring you to find hope and healing in difficult times.
  • Encourages connection with your higher self and spiritual guides, providing comfort and guidance along your journey.

Embrace the nurturing energy of our Grief & Loss Crystal Bracelet and allow it to gently guide you through the healing process. Let the soothing vibrations of amazonite, black obsidian, and prehnite envelop you in a cocoon of love and support as you navigate through grief towards a place of healing and peace.

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Grief & Loss Crystal Bracelet

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