Lepidolite Crystal Palm Stone

The Lepidolite Crystal Palm Stone is a stone of transformation. It is said to aid in releasing old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you, as well as help you find a new path to follow.

Lepidolite is also known for its soothing energies, which can help anyone feel more relaxed and at ease. This makes it a great stone to have around during stressful times, or even while you are studying or working on something important.

Lepidolite has been used by healers for centuries because of its ability to dispel negative energy from the body. It is often recommended as a protective stone against psychic attacks or other forms of negativity that may be directed at you by others.

This Crystal Palm Stone is also an excellent tool for meditation and spiritual growth; it helps connect one’s consciousness with higher realms of existence so one can receive guidance from them during their journey through life on Earth today!

You can use Lepidolite in several ways:

-Place the stone under your pillow at night before going to bed so that it can work its magic while you sleep. You may find yourself waking up feeling refreshed and ready for whatever lies ahead!

-If you are feeling stressed out or anxious, place the stone on your chest or third eye area (between the eyebrows). The calming energy will flow into these areas where it is needed most.

-You can also carry this crystal with you in your pocket or purse when traveling through airports or long distances by car or train – just make sure that there’s no metal nearby (metal interferes with crystals’ vibrations).

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Lepidolite Crystal Palm Stone
Lepidolite Crystal Palm Stone
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