Multicolor Tourmaline Orgonite Obelisk

Multicolor Tourmaline Orgonite Obelisk is a powerful tool for healing and protection. It is a great addition to any healing space or sacred space.

The obelisk is a symbol of creation and the sun. It represents the fiery energy that ignites all life, as well as the masculine energy and the fire element.

It’s also known as the pyramid stone, and it’s said to be one of the oldest stones used by humans. It was believed that they would bring good health and prosperity to their owners, especially if they were placed in an area where there was high traffic flow.

They were also used by shamans and healers to help them connect with their spirit guides, ancestors or otherworldly beings when performing rituals or ceremonies such as casting spells or performing rituals designed to ask for protection against evil spirits or negative forces such as curses put on them by someone who wants revenge against them; some people still use this type of technique today!

Their shape symbolizes power, strength and immortality; they are believed to attract positive energies into one’s life while repelling negative ones out! Some cultures believe that wearing one around your neck will protect you from negative energies being sent towards you from others (such as curses).

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Multicolor Tourmaline Orgonite Obelisk
Multicolor Tourmaline Orgonite Obelisk
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