Opalite DP Pendant

The Opalite DP Pendant is the perfect gift for anyone who loves opals. This pendant is made from 100% opacity, so you can be sure that it’s genuine and authentic.

It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear every day—or even just for special occasions!

Opalite is a beautiful and rare material, so it’s no wonder that it has many healing benefits. It is an amazing stone to use when you’re trying to connect with the higher realms of being, as well as the collective unconscious. It helps you to achieve a state of peace, clarity, and calm by allowing you to connect with your inner wisdom.

Opalite can help you to open up your psychic abilities, making it easier for you to receive messages from those who have passed over. It can also help with astral travel, which means that it can be used in meditation or lucid dreaming experiences.

Opalite has been known for its ability to bring about positive transformation in people’s lives by encouraging them to take control of their circumstances. Its energy is very calming and soothing; therefore it is good for helping one cope with stress or anxiety issues.

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Opalite DP Pendant
Opalite DP Pendant
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