Orgonite Green Mica Pendulum

The Orgonite Green Mica Pendulum is a powerful energy tool that can be used to focus energy, clear blockages and improve your general well-being.

What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is a crystal that has been infused with orgone energy, which is a type of healing energy. Orgonite crystals are often used for healing purposes and can be used as a pendulum to help bring in positive energy.

How does it work?

Orgonite works by placing the crystal in areas where there is negative energy or bad vibes. The crystal draws in the negative energy and converts it into positive frequencies. You can place them around your home or office, or keep them with you at all times so that they are always working to help you attract good things into your life.

Benefits of Green Mica Pendulum

* It helps clear out negative energy from your environment and provide an overall sense of wellbeing;

* It can help relieve stress;

* It improves creativity.

The Green Mica Pendulum is especially helpful for those who are trying to overcome addictions or have trouble letting go of negative thoughts and behaviors.

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Orgonite Green Mica Pendulum
Orgonite Green Mica Pendulum

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