Orgonite Red Jasper Pendulum

This Orgonite Red Jasper Pendulum is the perfect gift for any occasion. This crystal pendulum is made of orgonite, a combination of quartz crystals and resin, which has been known to produce positive energy in people who use it.

Healing benefits and uses

Orgonite is an energetic material that has been used for centuries to improve the energy in a space. Orgonite is made by combining resin, quartz crystals and metal shavings (usually aluminum foil), which is then infused with orgone energy. Orgonite is one of the most powerful tools for healing and spiritual growth. It can help you to connect with your higher self and raise your vibrations so that you can start living from a more spiritual place.

Orgonite red jasper pendulum is one of the most powerful types of orgonite because it contains both red jasper and clear quartz crystals which are known as “healing stones”. These two stones have been used by healers all over the world to help them facilitate healing sessions on their clients. The combination of these two stones creates an extremely high vibration energy that can easily be felt when holding a red jasper pendulum in your hands for meditation or crystal healing sessions.

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Orgonite Red Jasper Pendulum
Orgonite Red Jasper Pendulum
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