Orgonite Tiger Eye Pendulum

Orgonite Tiger Eye Pendulum is the perfect gift for someone you care about…!!!

Tiger’s Eye is a stone of protection and insight, a stone of wisdom and good luck. Tiger’s Eye helps to ground your energy and bring you back to center, so it can be used in meditation or whenever you need a little extra grounding. It is also believed to help with clairvoyance and psychic abilities, so it can be used when you’re trying to reach out to someone who has passed over.

Orgonite is a type of orgonite that can be used for healing purposes. Orgonite is made by combining resin and metal shavings with quartz crystals embedded into them. The resin acts as an insulator that prevents the metal from oxidizing, which means no rust!

The Tiger’s Eye pendulum pictured here has been made with orgonites for both healing purposes and to combat negativity in your environment. This pendulum will help you clear negative energy from yourself and your surroundings, as well as help enhance your intuition with its grounding properties!

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Orgonite Tiger Eye Pendulum
Orgonite Tiger Eye Pendulum
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