Peridot Orgonite Obelisk

The Peridot Orgonite Obelisk is a direct manifestation of joy, peace and balance. Holding the energy of Nature’s beautiful green crystals, this powerful obelisk will help to stimulate peaceful vibrations within your home and garden.

Healing Benefits and Uses

Peridot is a wonderful stone for healing, as it has a gentle, nurturing energy that will help you become more balanced and happy. It can be used to enhance your creativity, confidence, and self-esteem.

It is also said to bring inspiration and motivation to those who are searching for their life purpose. It is particularly helpful for those who have lost their passion for life or work, or are feeling stagnant in their current situation.

Peridot is associated with the heart chakra, which regulates our emotions and feelings of love toward ourselves and others. The heart chakra also controls our ability to express ourselves honestly without fear of judgement from others; this is why it’s soothing energy can help us overcome negative feelings such as shame or guilt so that we can open up more easily when communicating with others (especially in intimate situations).

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Peridot Orgonite Obelisk
Peridot Orgonite Obelisk
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