Serpentine Chakra Wire Pendulum

Serpentine Chakra Wire Pendulum is a tool that helps to balance your chakras. It is believed that there are seven main chakras in the body, which are connected to different parts of the body and have different functions. This Pendulum can help you keep your energy flowing throughout the day, as well as help to bring balance to your life.

How does the Serpentine Pendulum work?

The chakras are centers of energy within us, and each one is connected to a specific part of our bodies. The Serpentine Pendulum works by helping us to focus on each of these centers in turn, helping us get rid of any blockages or imbalances that we may have. It’s important not only for health reasons but also for spiritual ones: when we’re able to keep our energy flowing smoothly throughout the day without any problems, we feel more balanced and at peace with ourselves.

It will help to balance and harmonize the energy flow in their chakras. It is composed of a wire and crystal quartz. The wire can be used as a pendulum and it can balance and harmonize the energy flow in their chakras. This makes it a great gift for those who are interested in spirituality, healing, or meditation.

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