Tiger Eye Orgonite Merkaba Star

Tiger Eye Orgonite Merkaba Star is a powerful stone that can help you to see your path more clearly, especially when it comes to your career and life purpose. It has strong protective energies against negative energy, making it great for mediation and healing, as well as keeping your aura clean.

This stone is said to be one of the best stones for allowing you to see clearly into the future, helping you make decisions based on logic and reason rather than feelings or emotions.

Tiger Eye is known as the stone of protection and strength; it helps us to ground ourselves in times of stress or anxiety. It also helps us connect with our inner power so that we can use our intuition more effectively.

This crystal is said to help bring clarity during times of confusion or indecision; it can help you find solutions where there seem none by bringing clarity into complex situations so that you can make an informed decision about what to do next.

This Orgonite Merkaba Star has healing properties that are believed to improve health issues such as respiratory problems (such as asthma), allergies (including food allergies), menstrual cramps, headaches and migraines.

Tiger Eye is a grounding stone, which helps to balance energies around us by bringing us back into our bodies. It can help you feel more at ease with yourself, allowing you to take on more challenges without feeling overwhelmed by them.

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Tiger Eye Orgonite Merkaba Star
Tiger Eye Orgonite Merkaba Star

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