Aura Quartz Crescent Moon Pendant

An Aura Quartz Crescent Moon Pendant in the form of a crescent moon is featured in this gorgeous pendant. These gems offer soothing support for anyone suffering from anxiety; since their energies work to foster tranquility and ease the mind. The gemstone’s shape makes it catch and reflect light from all sides, allowing you to carry calmness with you no matter where you go. It also protects against negative energies or spirits which can bring about feelings of fear or confusion. If these are things that bother you- don’t worry! The eye embedded in one layer of aura quartz has been known to soothe nerves and provide a sense of security. For those who find themselves constantly anxious- there could be something out there that helps alleviate the problem before it gets worse. This polished stone may just do what other products cannot: provide peace without breaking the bank!

Physical Properties

  • Crystals: Agate Stone (Also Known as Rainbow Aura)
  • Chakra Stones.
  • Adjustable clamps for sizing.
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Healing Aspects

  • Intentions: Greater Joy, Stronger Connections with others, Spiritual sense, Divine Communication, Peace, and Healing.
  • Chakras: Heart and Crown Chakra.
  • Where to Keep: Wear a Pendant for close contact healing.

If you’re looking for an affordable gift that will help someone who suffers from severe anxiety, this Crescent Moon Pendant is perfect. 

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Aura Quartz Crescent Moon Pendant
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