Black Obsidian Rough Pendant

Black Obsidian Rough Pendant healing benefits and uses

Black Obsidian is one of the most powerful crystals for protection, grounding and releasing negativity. It absorbs, transforms and grounds negative energies from all sources into the Earth, creating a protective shield around you. It creates a ‘sinkhole’ for all the negativity to go down into the earth. It is excellent for clearing out psychic smog created by EMF’s and other electrical devices.

It absorbs all types of negative energy while protecting you from psychic attacks and reducing any stress that may be caused by the different types of energies that are coming at you. It helps to clear out your aura by removing energy blockages that may have accumulated in your chakra system. The crystal does not hold any of this negativity in itself but rather transmutes it so that it no longer has an effect on your body or your space.

The Black Obsidian Pendant has a very powerful ability to absorb negative energy from its surroundings as well as any other form of negative emotional attachments that may be clinging to you. Its power comes from its ability to transform anything into its opposite; thus when something bad enters our space, it will turn it into something positive instead! This can also help us see things as they really are rather than how

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Black Obsidian Rough Pendant
Black Obsidian Rough Pendant

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